We would love for you to share your skills, interests, and hobbies with Empower 225.

There are many different ways to volunteer listed below, and we are open to new ideas!


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Some of the SKILLS listed on the application are:

  • Attorney/Legal

  • Computer Skills

  • Carpentry

  • Cooking

  • Dance/Music

  • Electrician

  • Etiquette / Manners

  • Gardening / Landscaping

  • General Maintenance

  • Graphic Arts / Photography

  • Guest Speaking

  • Hygiene/ Health Care

  • Job Training/ Soft Skills/ Shadowing

  • Life Coaching

  • Mechanic

  • Medical Care / Training

  • Money Management / Financial Literacy

  • Painting (Visual Arts)

  • Physical Fitness

  • Tutoring


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* You may choose one or multiple items, or if you have a different skill or opportunities to share, please enter it under “Other.”*


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The volunteer PROGRAM / AREAs are:

  • Employment Program

  • Anchor House

  • Dream Center Accelerate Program (DAP)

  • HOPE Team

  • Employer Leadership Academy

  • Foster Care/ Adoption / LA Heart Gallery

  • Mentoring

  • Street Outreach

  • Housing

  • Event Support (Gala, Luncheons, etc.)

  • Administrative (Office Support, Mailings, etc.)

  • Janitorial (Event Set Up/ Clean Up )

Find out more about the programs at Empower 225 Programs.

If you aren’t sure about what skills you possess or what area you are interested in, let’s talk about options.

You are not required to complete Skills or Interest areas on the application.


Email volunteer@empower225.org

Click Here for a Volunteer Application

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