Empower 225 Leadership Academy

Empower 225 Leadership Academy helps youth become leaders by working with the students and their support system to move them toward a high school diploma or equivalent.  We also teach the life-skills needed to succeed relationally and professionally.  Our goal is to get each leader on a track to a career with a livable wage through job-training and secondary education.

Anchor House

Anchor House provides stable housing for at-risk youth who are trying to improve their lives. We also have an eight-bed family-style home environment for males 16-21 who are at risk of homelessness.

Foster Care/Adoption Initiative

The Foster Care/Adoption initiative provides awareness and advocacy for youth in care and available for adoption; recruits and secures foster and adoptive parents; and provides support and training for caregivers and birth parents. The traveling Louisiana Heart Gallery (LHG) display is a collection of pictures and information about the youth available for adoption. To learn more about LHG click the logo below.

Human Trafficking Initiative

The Human Trafficking Initiative provides services to victims of human trafficking and training for those who serve these victims.