Timesheets & Leave

Timesheets and Leave requests should be complete and submitted via Paylocity.

Click below for instructions on submitting the timesheet online or via the Paylocity App.

Timesheet Submission Directions – App
Timesheet Submission Directions – Online

Expenditure Forms

All expenses require prior verbal approval from a program director, a completed and approved expenditure form and proper documentation to support the transaction. Please ensure that the expense has been budgeted for and you have obtained proper authorization before moving forward with an expense transaction.

To submit an expenditure request, click on one of the links below. Complete the form, attach appropriate documentation and submit the form. The expenditure request will be routed to the proper parties for approval, and then processed by Finance. Submit any questions or concerns to finance@empower225.org.

To submit a credit card receipt, click this link: Credit Card Receipt.
To submit a check request, click this link: Check Request Expenditure.
To submit a request for petty cash, click this link: Petty Cash Expenditure.
To submit a trip expenditure, click this link: Trip Expenditure.
To submit a blanket check request, click this link: Blanket Check Request Expenditure.
To submit a reimbursement for mileage or health insurance, click this link:  Paylocity Expense Submission Online

Check requests for mileage reimbursements, use one of these mileage logs:

If you are on a federal grant: Mileage Log 2022 – Federal Rate
If you are on a state grant: Mileage Log 2022 – State Rate