Our Services

  • Parental Support and Guidance
  • Case Management
  • Teen Support and Guidance
  • Resource Referral
  • Financial Assistance

Our Solutions

Neighborhood Teams

Creates action plans for supporting families in priority neighborhoods

Parish Anchor Teams

Joins with neighborhood team to strengthen and support services and systems,

MCC State Team

Plans for long-term vision and sustainability

MCC Support Teams

Champions the work of MCC Anchor and Neighborhood Team

MCC State Implementation Team

Guides and monitors the implementation of the local work

My Community Cares Mission

My Community Cares (MCC) is a community-driven, neighborhood-based approach that
brings children and families who have live experience in the child welfare system,
community members, and agency partners together to co-design and implement a
network of quality services and supports.

Services include:

  • Needs assessment
  • parent and community cafes
  • supportive services
  • advocacy solution-based case management

Families who are eligible for MCC services live in zip codes 70802, 70805, and 70806,
who are involved or at-risk of becoming involved in foster care or kinship care.

Recruiting community members and leaders to participate in Neighborhood or Parish
Support Teams.

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